Travellers, gypsies, nomads, wanderers.

They travel about the countryside in horse-drawn wagons which they build themselves. They dress in bright clothes, laugh often, and drink even more often.

They earn a living by trading and entertaining wherever they go, using the income to support their lavish and flamboyant lifestyle.

The group has learned the following from the Vistani they have met so far:

  • Strahd has taken only one true love, a Barovian peasant girl named Tatyana.
  • Strahd named his castle, Ravenloft, after his beloved mother, Queen Ravenovia.
  • Strangers are not welcome at the castle without invitation.
  • The souls of those who die in Barovia cannot escape into the afterlife. They become prisoners in Strahd’s domain.
  • Vistani are capable of dealing the Evil Eye, and also very potent Curses.


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