Ireena Kolyana


Adopted daughter of the Burgomaster of Barovia, Kolyan Indirovich. Her brother, Ismark Kolyanovich has asked the party for help in defending her and taking her to a safe place. According to him, his sister has become the focus of unwelcome attention by Strahd von Zarovich.

Having accepted the party’s help, she refused to leave the village of Barovia until her father was buried at the local graveyard. He had passed away after his heart failed during a nightly visit from forces unknown trying to get into the mansion. Ireena has described the attacks as coming from wolves and other terrible creatures. Since his death, the house has not come under attack.

She accompanies the party first to Vallaki, and then to Krezk, seeking protection from the focus of the master vampire. While in Krezk she hears a voice calling out to her from the blessed pool; the group are witness to a ghostly apparition in the water speaking to her and watch in horror as she takes his hand. Descending into the pool with a smile on her face she disappears from view without a trace.

Shortly after the village is rocked by a peal of thunder and the dark clouds form into a terrible face. A deep, dark voice cries out ’SHE IS MINE!" before a terrible crack resounds and lightning splits the sky and hits the pool.

Ireena Kolyana

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