Ruler of the Abbey of Saint Markovia, he is a handsome man dressed in a brown monk’s robe, a prominent wooden holy symbol depicting the sun hangs from a chain around his neck.


The Abbot is working on creating a bride as a gift to Strahd von Zarovich, believing that it may appease the vampire and allow the region to live in peace. To that effect he has created a golem bride.

He has asked the party for help in locating a bridal gown for his golem, and in return will cast raise dead up to three times on their behalf, or give each the benefit of his healing touch.

He has experimented on the family currently present in the Abbey, and attempted to cure them of their leprosy. The result however, was a cure that also resulted in mass mutation through every member of the family, and all their descendants. He continues to care for them and use them to fulfill his needs, including keeping the townsfolk out of the Abbey.


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