The Hunt

Death House

Mucho Happy Thoughts!

Unsure of where you are anymore, unable to recognize any landmarks, and with a menacing fog closing in around you, the party is forced to move west through unfamiliar territory.

They spend the better part of the day travelling without incident, coming to a gate which bars the path, but watch in puzzlement as it swings open of its own accord. They also discover a body in possession of a Letter of Invitation; they also discover that they are being tracked by a pack of wolves who have kept their distance, so far.

With the mists continuing to dog their feet they eventually come to a small village. It appears to be deserted, except for two small children who are standing in front of a large house. They plead with the party for help, telling the group that their little baby brother has been taken captive by a monster located in the basement of the house. They however refuse to enter, saying they are too afraid of the monster. Even with the mists closing in on all sides, they will not move from the front foyer of the house.

Luscien briefly steps into the mist, only to feel his energy quickly draining as he remains in the fog. In a panicked frenzy he clambers out of the fog, exhaustion already creeping into his bones.

The group enters the house, finding the first two floors to be in remarkably good condition. The party splits up (for the last time!) to investigate further, and despite finding a number of secret doors find little of value, and are accosted by Animated Armor, and an undead Banshee.

Eventually making their way to the attic, the group find a room locked with a padlock. Managing to open it they discover a children’s room, complete with two small skeletons on the floor. Dressed in familiar clothing, the group realize that the two children they spoke with outside are actually ghosts. The children reappear again and explain to the party that they were locked in this room by their parents, originally for their own protection, but were forgotten and slowly starved to death. The group are also directed to look at the dollhouse, a miniature representation of the house they are currently exploring; it shows them all secret doors, including the door in the attic which will take the group to the basement.

When the group attempts to leave the apparitions plead with them not to go, saying they are lonely, and are unable to leave this room. The group are forced to leave anyway, and after cursory searches of the remaining rooms make their way down to the basement.

The basement is an area filled with storage, crypts, a reliquary, and some sort of ritual chamber. Breaking into the chamber the group is confronted but black-cloaked figures who demand a sacrifice; instead the adventurers disturb a Shambling Mound and are forced into a one-sided battle, making short work of the beast. Upon its defeat the black apparitions disappear.

Now the group must decide what to do next…


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