The Hunt

Dark Night of the Death House
There's No Crying in the Death House!

Our group spends a long, cold, night resting in the former dungeons of the basement. It is becoming apparent that the former occupants of the house were dealing with some sort of cult, and were making sacrifices to a terrible dark force, or forces, in the dark reaches of the basement.

Moving back into the main floors of the house, they are horrified to discover that the house itself has changed. The windows have disappeared, bricked over by some horrible means; the doors themselves have vanished, and in their place are deadly steel scythe blades. It is as if the house itself has come alive, and intends to assist the party in meeting their doom…

Our hero the halfling barbarian Brunar Badgerslayer, never one for a lot of patience (or deep thought) decides to bypass the door in the attic and smashes through a wall. He is successful in making a hole into the next room, but also releases a Rat Swarm from inside the wall. While the halfling and his friends battle through this latest enemy, he does not stop there, and smashes a second hole into the room containing the bodies of the little children, releasing an Insect Swarm

The hordes are more hindrance than true threat, and eventually our heroes persevere, making their way into the nursery.

Through reasoning (and with assistance of the spirt of Rosavalda, who currently resides in Luscien ) the party has deduced that the ghosts of the children will be allowed to finally rest if their mortal remains are interred in their appropriate crypts in the basement). They carefully take the bodies and retrace their steps to the crypts, and it is with relief that Luscien feels the unwanted ghost finally release its hold on him.

Finding a trapdoor which leads directly into the main floor of the house, the group is initially overcome by a fireplace billowing deadly poisonous black smoke, and is faced with a choice of suffocating in the awful fumes, or braving the deadly blades in order to finally escape the house. Moving quickly the group makes the only decision they have and make their escape through the blades, either using their daring reflexes to avoid damage, or by carefully studying the movement of the scythes and deciphering a pattern which enables them to move through unscathed.

Finally, finally, our group dashes out the front door of the deadly house to find the mists have receded. The Death House, so quiet and unassuming on the outside, has finally released its hold on the group, and they now find themselves in a small village…

No Guts, No Glory
He may have been born with guts, but he sure died without 'em!

Having defeated the Shambling Mound in some sort of sacrifical chamber, the group continue to look for anything else of value before attempting to leave the basement of the Death House.

The small, cramped tunnels of this dungeon are more claustrophobic than ever, and prove difficult as the party is attacked by Ghouls. The fiends do more to irritate than cause actual damage, but it further tires the party as they move back up to the upper levels of the basement.

While searching through the ruins of an old eating area Vanorin Eldeyr disturbs a Grick in its lair, and while most of the group attempts to lend aid, Rasputin ‘accidently’ wanders into a cave containing a wooden statue. The statue seems to be a likeness of a gaunt, but powerful man with one hand containing some sort of crystal.

While moving in to have a closer look he is ambushed by five Shadow , who quickly strike down the hero. His cries of anguish are not unheard however, as the rest of the group has dispatched the Grick and attempt to come to their friend’s aid. Once again the small corridors prove difficult for combat and they party is quickly overwhelmed by the shadows and their ability to move stealthily through the corridors, and through incredibly small spaces.

With only a limited knowledge of their enemy, and its weaknesses, the battle goes against our valiant friends. With Rasputin already down, Vanorin Eldeyr is also struck down by the undead. The group, fighting frantically in the cramped tunnels, only able to fight in single file, is overmatched.

Sparrow, standing over the fallen Zeed SwiftWind, fights recklessly and with abandon, but is dealt a terrible strike by the Shadow and eviscerated, viscera and life fluids spilling over his comrade on the ground. Death has claimed him.

The battle is won, barely, but at such cost. Injuries are rampant, and one only look at the gutted pirate lying lifeless on the ground to know the price has been high.

The group take what they can from their friend and look for an area to rest and regain their strength, and spells. They awaken after a long rest to find that, miraculously, the pirate Sparrow has been returned to life; his pallor is grey, a hideous scar stretches from chest to sternum, and yet he breathes. With no memory of his death or rebirth, the group quickly assures themselves that he is not undead.

And once again they regroup, and plan, and prepare for their next battle…

Death House
Mucho Happy Thoughts!

Unsure of where you are anymore, unable to recognize any landmarks, and with a menacing fog closing in around you, the party is forced to move west through unfamiliar territory.

They spend the better part of the day travelling without incident, coming to a gate which bars the path, but watch in puzzlement as it swings open of its own accord. They also discover a body in possession of a Letter of Invitation; they also discover that they are being tracked by a pack of wolves who have kept their distance, so far.

With the mists continuing to dog their feet they eventually come to a small village. It appears to be deserted, except for two small children who are standing in front of a large house. They plead with the party for help, telling the group that their little baby brother has been taken captive by a monster located in the basement of the house. They however refuse to enter, saying they are too afraid of the monster. Even with the mists closing in on all sides, they will not move from the front foyer of the house.

Luscien briefly steps into the mist, only to feel his energy quickly draining as he remains in the fog. In a panicked frenzy he clambers out of the fog, exhaustion already creeping into his bones.

The group enters the house, finding the first two floors to be in remarkably good condition. The party splits up (for the last time!) to investigate further, and despite finding a number of secret doors find little of value, and are accosted by Animated Armor, and an undead Banshee.

Eventually making their way to the attic, the group find a room locked with a padlock. Managing to open it they discover a children’s room, complete with two small skeletons on the floor. Dressed in familiar clothing, the group realize that the two children they spoke with outside are actually ghosts. The children reappear again and explain to the party that they were locked in this room by their parents, originally for their own protection, but were forgotten and slowly starved to death. The group are also directed to look at the dollhouse, a miniature representation of the house they are currently exploring; it shows them all secret doors, including the door in the attic which will take the group to the basement.

When the group attempts to leave the apparitions plead with them not to go, saying they are lonely, and are unable to leave this room. The group are forced to leave anyway, and after cursory searches of the remaining rooms make their way down to the basement.

The basement is an area filled with storage, crypts, a reliquary, and some sort of ritual chamber. Breaking into the chamber the group is confronted but black-cloaked figures who demand a sacrifice; instead the adventurers disturb a Shambling Mound and are forced into a one-sided battle, making short work of the beast. Upon its defeat the black apparitions disappear.

Now the group must decide what to do next…

The Beginning
Get Busy Livin', or Get Busy Dyin'.

No one imagined going out like this.

Half of you are sentenced to die, the others are leaving shortly for a life of hard labor in the northern Dwarven mines.

You’ve lost track of how long you’ve been down here, but you’ve all learned a little bit about each other while you’ve been here.

When a stranger is thrown in with you, and you’re informed of your impending doom, it becomes apparent that you’re running out of time.

Taking advantage of a guard’s distraction, your escape begins. With help from a double agent inside the prison you are able to break free, bringing the mysterious stranger with you. Fighting your way out of the prison, you are reunited with your armor, and a boat, letting you begin your escape from the island prison.

Your prisoner eventually informs you that he was taken prisoner through no fault of his own, and is looking to reunite with his family. He tells you he is a prince, and will reward you handsomely for helping him.

Two days you travel, moving furiously and only at night, putting as much distance as you can between you and any possible pursuit. Your final night is a frantic push through an incredible storm, and you are forced to make camp and wait out the worst of the weather.

When dawn breaks, the storm has disappeared.

So has the prince.

Your surroundings have also changed; the lush green forest has changed to a dark, cold and sinister wood. The trail you have been following has disppeared, and to the west lies a road.

Only one way to find out where it goes…

Abandon All Hope
Ain't No Party Like a Death Row Party!

Welcome, to Ember Island Prison. It is here that Waterdeep and the surrounding towns send their most corrupt, their most depraved, their most unforgivable. Located just off the Sword Coast, the prison has seen only a score of escape attempts in the last thirty years…

and no one survived a single one.

For reasons of your own, each of you has found yourself here, at the bottom of the proverbial food chain, mixed in with the rest of the dreck, and the drivel. Three of your are sentenced to die for your crimes; two of your face life with hard labor, and the other…well… we won’t get into that just yet.

Fate has found the six of you thrown together in two different cells, at a crossroads.

You have been presented with a chance of escape, yours for the taking!

What you do next is entirely up to you…


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