Warlock - Brett


ST: 10
DX: 16
CON: 16
IN: 8
WI: 8
CH: 16


leather armour
2 daggers
Component pouch
Hemp rope 50’
Torch 10
Rations 10day
Water skin
Weighted dice
15 gp


My father is human and my mother an elf. My father is a merchant prince who after sealing a trade agreement with the elves conceived me in a drunken night of lust at a party. My mother shunned from the elves came to my fathers house and left me before she vanished never to be heard from again.
My father is a drunk and a gambler who gambled away our money, lands and my birth right. Kicked from my home and lands,a lowly half breed. I have been forced to live and find my way on the streets. Making my own way through this world depending on no one.

On a night when I was at my lowest, starving,beaten, robbed of my last copper piece and lying in the gutter, I screamed my fury at the gods and my father for laying this life on me. I swore I would do anything for the power to punish those that put me here.
I felt a sensation along my skin raising goose bumps, a voice in my head that was not my own promised me the answers I sought. My wish would be granted and that I would obtain power as long as I could return a favour some day.

Without a moment of hesitation I accepted and sealed my pact with the thoughts of the powers I would achieve.
The thief who robbed me returned to finish what he had begun. He stood above me raising his stiletto in his hand with a cold look on his face.
I raise my hand to stop him, when a force leaves my outstretched hand blasting into the chest of my would be killer. He flies back and slams against the wall of the alley where he crumbles down never to move again.
I stand to investigate what I did, as the city watch enters the mouth of the alley. Hauled away to the dungeon and tried for murder. I await my sentence listening for that voice to return.


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