Brunar Badgerslayer

Halfling Barbarian - Brendan


Screen_Shot_2017-03-26_at_8.26.58_PM.pngST: 12
DX: 16
CON: 16
IN: 10
WI: 11
CH: 10

• a backpack
• a bedroll
• a mess kit
• a tinderbox
• 9 torches
• 7 days of rations
• a waterskin
• 50 feet of hempen rope
Large pot
Common clothes
Leather working kit
4 javalins
Throwing Axe
Dagger x2
Snake Head
Caribou Horn


Brunar was found at the age of 10 by a Reghed tribe and taken in as a “small child”. The chief’s family adopted Brunar, raised with his two young sons as one of his own, but Brunar never quite fitin. Initially the tribe was shocked by the coordination and skill that this toddler shown, but as Brunar’s brothers grew larger he did not it became apparent something was wrong. Brunar’s “mother” began to resent this orphan as did the eldest of the the chiefs sons Grimp. Grimp took great pleasure in knocking Brunar around, and Brunar took the punishment and never complained. Brunar always tried to prove himself but was often left to do “woman’s work”. Brotar, Brunar’s other brother, took him under his wing the way Brunar had taken both brothers when they were smaller and trained with him. Brotar realized early that the battleaxe may not be the best weapon for his brother and trained him instead in lighter and faster weapons.
The Chief did not like the cruelty he saw from Grimp. Grimp looked for reasons to harm Brunar but also looked to take advantage of all others. Mother always dismissed Grimps cruelty and pointed how strong he was and successful at raiding. Brotar had developed a strongheart in no small part due to his time with his brother.
On a hunt the chief was set on upon by a giant badger, when he drew his weapon there was only a stick attached to the hilt. Brunar dove onto the badger and slew the beast, but the chief was already mortally wounded. Grimp accused Brunar of the sabotage when the hunt returned to the tribe. Brotar defended Brunar but had not evidence. Grimp demanded that Brunar pay for the crime. The two battled without weapons and Brunar was defeated handly. Brotar brought Brunar to their father who laughed at the fact looked like they would die together Grimps hands. He presented evidence of Grimps actions to Brunar and gave him a gift. The gift was a sword thinner than a shortsword but almost as long as Brunar was tall, the chief then past from his wounds. Brunar challenged Grimp, but this time to firstblood with weapons. Brunar allowed Grimp a glancing blow and then lay down his weapon, but Grimps cruelty appeared and he attempted to slay Brunar. No more blows landed on Brunar that eve and Grimp took a single strike through the eye before surrendering.
Mother enraged asked for the Brotar to avenge his brother and father but he refused. He felt he had to exile both his brothers from the tribe in the interest of justice.
Brunar went south helping those who needed help. He never again would lay down and take a beating from cruel men.

Brunar Badgerslayer

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