The Hunt

The Beginning

Get Busy Livin', or Get Busy Dyin'.

No one imagined going out like this.

Half of you are sentenced to die, the others are leaving shortly for a life of hard labor in the northern Dwarven mines.

You’ve lost track of how long you’ve been down here, but you’ve all learned a little bit about each other while you’ve been here.

When a stranger is thrown in with you, and you’re informed of your impending doom, it becomes apparent that you’re running out of time.

Taking advantage of a guard’s distraction, your escape begins. With help from a double agent inside the prison you are able to break free, bringing the mysterious stranger with you. Fighting your way out of the prison, you are reunited with your armor, and a boat, letting you begin your escape from the island prison.

Your prisoner eventually informs you that he was taken prisoner through no fault of his own, and is looking to reunite with his family. He tells you he is a prince, and will reward you handsomely for helping him.

Two days you travel, moving furiously and only at night, putting as much distance as you can between you and any possible pursuit. Your final night is a frantic push through an incredible storm, and you are forced to make camp and wait out the worst of the weather.

When dawn breaks, the storm has disappeared.

So has the prince.

Your surroundings have also changed; the lush green forest has changed to a dark, cold and sinister wood. The trail you have been following has disppeared, and to the west lies a road.

Only one way to find out where it goes…


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