The Hunt

No Guts, No Glory

He may have been born with guts, but he sure died without 'em!

Having defeated the Shambling Mound in some sort of sacrifical chamber, the group continue to look for anything else of value before attempting to leave the basement of the Death House.

The small, cramped tunnels of this dungeon are more claustrophobic than ever, and prove difficult as the party is attacked by Ghouls. The fiends do more to irritate than cause actual damage, but it further tires the party as they move back up to the upper levels of the basement.

While searching through the ruins of an old eating area Vanorin Eldeyr disturbs a Grick in its lair, and while most of the group attempts to lend aid, Rasputin ‘accidently’ wanders into a cave containing a wooden statue. The statue seems to be a likeness of a gaunt, but powerful man with one hand containing some sort of crystal.

While moving in to have a closer look he is ambushed by five Shadow , who quickly strike down the hero. His cries of anguish are not unheard however, as the rest of the group has dispatched the Grick and attempt to come to their friend’s aid. Once again the small corridors prove difficult for combat and they party is quickly overwhelmed by the shadows and their ability to move stealthily through the corridors, and through incredibly small spaces.

With only a limited knowledge of their enemy, and its weaknesses, the battle goes against our valiant friends. With Rasputin already down, Vanorin Eldeyr is also struck down by the undead. The group, fighting frantically in the cramped tunnels, only able to fight in single file, is overmatched.

Sparrow, standing over the fallen Zeed SwiftWind, fights recklessly and with abandon, but is dealt a terrible strike by the Shadow and eviscerated, viscera and life fluids spilling over his comrade on the ground. Death has claimed him.

The battle is won, barely, but at such cost. Injuries are rampant, and one only look at the gutted pirate lying lifeless on the ground to know the price has been high.

The group take what they can from their friend and look for an area to rest and regain their strength, and spells. They awaken after a long rest to find that, miraculously, the pirate Sparrow has been returned to life; his pallor is grey, a hideous scar stretches from chest to sternum, and yet he breathes. With no memory of his death or rebirth, the group quickly assures themselves that he is not undead.

And once again they regroup, and plan, and prepare for their next battle…


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