The Hunt

Dark Night of the Death House

There's No Crying in the Death House!

Our group spends a long, cold, night resting in the former dungeons of the basement. It is becoming apparent that the former occupants of the house were dealing with some sort of cult, and were making sacrifices to a terrible dark force, or forces, in the dark reaches of the basement.

Moving back into the main floors of the house, they are horrified to discover that the house itself has changed. The windows have disappeared, bricked over by some horrible means; the doors themselves have vanished, and in their place are deadly steel scythe blades. It is as if the house itself has come alive, and intends to assist the party in meeting their doom…

Our hero the halfling barbarian Brunar Badgerslayer, never one for a lot of patience (or deep thought) decides to bypass the door in the attic and smashes through a wall. He is successful in making a hole into the next room, but also releases a Rat Swarm from inside the wall. While the halfling and his friends battle through this latest enemy, he does not stop there, and smashes a second hole into the room containing the bodies of the little children, releasing an Insect Swarm

The hordes are more hindrance than true threat, and eventually our heroes persevere, making their way into the nursery.

Through reasoning (and with assistance of the spirt of Rosavalda, who currently resides in Luscien ) the party has deduced that the ghosts of the children will be allowed to finally rest if their mortal remains are interred in their appropriate crypts in the basement). They carefully take the bodies and retrace their steps to the crypts, and it is with relief that Luscien feels the unwanted ghost finally release its hold on him.

Finding a trapdoor which leads directly into the main floor of the house, the group is initially overcome by a fireplace billowing deadly poisonous black smoke, and is faced with a choice of suffocating in the awful fumes, or braving the deadly blades in order to finally escape the house. Moving quickly the group makes the only decision they have and make their escape through the blades, either using their daring reflexes to avoid damage, or by carefully studying the movement of the scythes and deciphering a pattern which enables them to move through unscathed.

Finally, finally, our group dashes out the front door of the deadly house to find the mists have receded. The Death House, so quiet and unassuming on the outside, has finally released its hold on the group, and they now find themselves in a small village…


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